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CM-HighTec is your competence center and market leader of Ceramic Welding Technology in Asia. We manufacture high performance components, support you in design and solving issues. We know the importantce of a smooth running production of our OEM customer and Tier 1 suppliers.

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Pump & Fluid Industrie

In the field of fluid technology, the key requirements placed on components are corrosion resistance, resistance to wear, resistance to aggressive media and a low specific weight. Components made of technical ceramics possess these properties and are in addition also biocompatible, which means they can also be used in the foodstuffs industry and in medical technology.

Testing Technology

In forming technology, technical ceramics are used to improve productivity, since the service life of conventional tools was no longer proving adequate, given that a tool change interrupts production, and moreover their tendency towards adhesion is also problematic.

In the field of sheet metal forming too, high-performance ceramics are, for economic and technological reasons, an interesting alternative to tool steels and carbides. Ceramics reduce the necessary forming forces and produce a better surface in many sheet metal materials.

Due to their high resistance to wear, the service life of ceramic tools is several times that of conventional tools.

In this field, silicon nitride offers numerous possibilities as a material: a high resistance to temperature shock, resistance to wear, electrical insulation and lubricant-free working.

Welding Technology

Technical ceramics are ideally suited to use in welding technology. Components made of zirconium oxide, for example centring pins, are particularly suitable due to their toughness and low susceptibility to wear during welding processes. In automated production processes in particular, components made of technical ceramics offer a significant cost advantage, since the production results are of higher quality and the running times of the machines are significantly longer.

Mechanical Engineering

Ceramic components need to meet different requirements in mechanical and plant engineering applications. These include high mechanical strength, resistance to wear, thermal or electrical insulation properties and thermal conductivity. However, the requirements placed on the technical ceramics can also be very complex.

CM-HighTec can call on many years of experience and competence. We can offer the right component for any application and are happy to work together with our customers to develop new solutions for challenging applications.


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